Should You get a Barbado?

Seventeen breeders/owners of Barbado da Terceira, who have collectively owned seventy Barbado da Terceira, graciously responded to a survey, put out in August, 2020. The average of their responses were collected, and then rounded to the nearest whole number.

Please know that the results that appears below are based on the breeder/owners astute observations rather than on science. The results should therefore not be used as a diagnostic tool by potential owners and veterinarians. The results that appear below, however, might be an adequate tool to help you decide if the Barbado is the right breed for you.

*NOTE BELOW: It is a myth that certain dog breeds are hypoallergenic. Every mammal with fur and/or feathers spreads allergens; however, some spread them less than others. The Bottom Line: DOGS WITH LESS SHEDDING PRODUCE LESS DANDER (FLECKS OF SKIN) THAT GETS INTO THE ENVIRONMENT AND THIS, IN TURN, REDUCES, BUT DOES NOT ELIMINATE, ALLERGENS.


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