Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to speak Portuguese to get one? No, but you and your dog can learn Portuguese together.

Will they be white or black and white or some other variation? They will be white, or black and white or gray or gray with white. I don’t know how many of each, but they will be sweet!

Are they somehow related to the Portuguese Waterdog? No

Are they hyperallogenic? The allergens come from dander from the skin. The dander comes off more when the dogs shed. These dogs do not shed.

If they don’t shed, will their hair keep growing and growing? Yes. You may either let it grow very long, or give them a nice coif from time to time.

Will they herd children? That depends; do your children need herding?

Are they smart? Yes! Very!

Are they easy to train. Yes.

Do they make good watchdogs? Yes. They have strong protective instincts.

Will you be available to answer my questions if I get one. Yes! Any time of day or night, although day time would be appreciated.

Can I paint a Barbado da Terceira’s toenails? You can. But please don’t.

Do they like to sit on laps? Mine do.

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